I’d like to begin on a positive note. I’m very happy to begin this blog, which I’ve been aching to begin for ages. There’s so much to say, and I’ve always wanted to write. Not that this would be considered actual writing by many, but I assume if you are one of those, you don’t take this seriously enough to read it.  So there!

This blog is about my love of the Catholic Church, which our good God has so graciously given us (without any hope of recompense, bless His Heart!), and which is so loved and maligned by all of His own.

This blog is about beauty and truth, about stupidity and malice – about the ludicrous and the sane.

It is about the joy of those rare glimpses of pure goodness we catch, and about despair at our world’s complete ignorance of that goodness that has been given to it in innumerable forms.

Hopefully I’ll represent myself clearly, but doubt that will regularly be the case. Feel free to comment and ask questions, but don’t expect any sort of consistent response – I’ve a very busy life, but I do want to keep contact.

And lastly, as the badly formed Latin phrase is given to us,

oremus pro invicem!