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March, 2010 Monthly archive

Karol: “When Caecilia came out of you, the last time, she was eating a pretzel and said “Oscar”.”

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Karol: “Mama! Dominus Vobiscum.”

Mama: “Karol, where did you learn that?”

Karol: “From Papa, when he put mass on the computer for me to play with.” .

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Karol: “Margaret, thanks for saving the day for me.” .

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Margaret: “Mama, may I have some rliace?”

Mama: *She can’t possibly be asking for rice, maybe, ice?”  You want ice?

Margaret: “No, rliace.”

Mama: *maybe she did ask for rice* “You would like some rice?”

Margaret: *giggles* “No, rliace.”

Mama: *head scratching* “Oh, you mean lacing toys?”

Margaret: “Yessssssth!!!” .

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Karol: “When bread is out it turns into toast.”

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Karol to Mama: “You do not question the loyalty of your little children.”

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Karol: “Mama, my beard is sticky, from my oranges.”

Mama: “Oh really?”

Karol: “Yes! I have juice on my beard and it makes it sticky. Does your beard get sticky after you eat oranges?”

Mama: “I don’t have a beard, Karol.”

Karol: “Papa had, Papa has, Papa has……what’s it called?”

Mama: “What’s what?”

Karol: “The hair on Papa’s chin.”

Mama: “His beard?”

Karol: “Oh, yes! Does it get sticky when he eats oranges?”

Mama: “I don’t think so.”

Karol: “I think it does because he gets food in it a lot.”

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Karol: “Papa, kids don’t like to be sold.”

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After cleaning Caecilia’s nose…

Margaret: “Papa, pull something out of my nose!”

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