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November, 2011 Monthly archive

Mama to Caecilia: “Don’t chew on St. Joseph!”

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Karol: “The moon is not made of cheese, it’s made of rocks. “

Margaret: “The moon *is* made of cheese and we will go there today. First we need to pack things to cut the cheese then to put the cheese on crackers. “

Karol: “Jumping jiminy, we will need to learn table manners too. “

Margaret: “Let’s go get our space helmets.”

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Karol: “Mama, I’d like a dog.”
Margaret: “A little puppy that we can watch grow. “
Karol: “But first, (with finger pointing up) roast cat.”
Margaret: “Ick. “
Karol: “Then we can get a dog and keep him alive for the rest of his life. “
Margaret: “Then we will go to the jungle to find fruit.”
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Karol: “And if you do that again, you will be in trouble.”
Margaret: “You are not the boss of me, you are not the boss of anyone.”
Karol: “I am the boss of boomerangs”.
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