At Mass this morning, during the penitential rite, the good priest told us that, as we recall our sins, we should still remember that “we are all worthy” of participating in the eternal banquet.

Really, now.

Last I recall, I am a wretched sinner with no hope of ever being worthy of anything good, much less the greatest Gift God has given us. Especially considering the facts that I am not metaphysically equal to God, and therefore anything He shares with me of Himself me is far beyond my own worth. As a matter of fact, nothing I am has worth except in and through Him.

Which brings me to the point. Sure, one can say that we are made worthy through Jesus Christ, otherwise we would be eating and drinking condemnation to ourselves at every Eucharist without hope of salvation. However, that’s different from saying that we just “are worthy”. That unqualified phrase means, to normal people, that we “are worthy” in and of ourselves without grace of God to be so.

It’s no wonder that people are so confused about what they should be doing to prepare themselves for communion. Heck, if I’m worthy already, without God’s help, why should I go to confession, or pray, or try to do anything coherent in life? I don’t need to align my will to God’s, He’s no longer necessary. Because, since I’m worthy by my own virtue, is it not I “Who Am”?