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October, 2010 Monthly archive

Karol: “Papa gets money from work so Mama can buy food at the store”. .

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Karol: “Papa, what is a brother?”

Papa: “You tell me.”

Karol: “A girl’s boy.”

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Karol (to Papa): “Who’s your mama?”

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Karol (to Mama): “Why do people paint their lips?”

Mama: “Some women put  on lipstick because they think it makes them look better.”

Karol: “That’s silly!”

Papa: “I agree.” . .

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Karol: “I want silence in here!”

Margaret: “The ‘e’ is silent!”

Karol: “Not always, only sometimes.” .

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Karol: “Mama! Margaret just threw the spoon at my beard.” . .

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