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May, 2010 Monthly archive

Karol: “Can we go out and bury things?”

Mama: “No, we will just go for a walk.”

Margaret: “We are just Karol and Margaret, we can’t bury things like George*!!”

*they were watching a Curious George episode when I told them we were going to go for a walk .

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Mama: “Karol, did you toot?”

Karol: “No!” *sniffs the air* “Smells like rug.” .

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Karol: “What happens if we see a roast shark walkin’?  It will scare us and we will have to walk away from it!”

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Karol: ” If you are bleeding you need a band-aid.”

Karol: “If your lip is bleeding, you need a napkin to get the bleeding off.” .

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