I’ve always deplored the barrenness of modern walls. At one time we had art, and it influenced even the most basic element of our building. But now we have nothing, a reflection of our souls.

I have pondered in what fashion I might revive in my own home a semblance of that classic decor whereby homes were once adorned with mouldings and trims and crowns. It is certainly an art, and requires prudence so as to refrain from the gaudy. But it is also a practical art, and requires some skill to apply the perfection of the ideal to the material of the real.

Joining my twin loves of classic line art and Inkscape a few nights since, I thought to create a mockup of a stenciled wall border that would be simple but elegant. The following is what I composed.


I will, as usual, tweak the design endlessly before I actually put it to use, assuming that I will follow through to my intentions. And I am certain the color scheme will evolve and, ideally, become a bit more subtle as I tweak.