Mouse Eggs

Norbert, after crouching in the driveway picking up unidentified tiny objects and depositing them in a small box: "Der! I fink dese are tiny baby mouse eggs. We can hatch tiny baby mouses from dem."

3yo Cynic

Norb (3), singing "...maybe we should compromise..." Margaret (15): "Do you know what 'compromise' means?" M: "It means 'halfway happy.'" N: "No! It means 'crying!'" N: "..."

Don’t Go Floppy

Norbert (feeling his ribs): "My stomach is hurting because of all dese bones." Papa: "Oh, are there bones in there?" Norb: "Yes. And dere are bones in my arms and my legs and my feet." Papa: "What do they do?" Norb: "Dey make me hurt." Peter: "You need bones so you...